Collar Type Automatic Pouch Packing Machine with Volumetric Cup Filler CTAPPM (VF)

  • Automatic, Compact and Robust machine.
  • Simplified operation and low maintenance
  • Top quality components and best workmanship
  • All contact parts are made of Stainless steel
  • Easy pouch Length adjustability
  • Photoelectric mark registration system for precise cutting and sealing of the pouches
  • PLC with MMI.
  • Can be Custom-made to suit specific requirements

Collar type pouch packing (CTAPP) machine fitted with volumetric cup filling system is used to pack only dry granular and free flowing powder items such as Rice, Tea, Pulses, Detergents, Cereals, Sugar, Salt, Glass Beads etc. in relatively bigger quantities.


The CTAPP Machine is vertical electro-pneumatic packaging machine. This machine automatically forms a pouch, fills it with a product and then seals and then separates the “filled and sealed Pouch”. The CTAPP Machine is suitable for all kinds of Dry Food & Non Food Granular Products. This machine can be synchronised with any automatic weighing/cup filling system and can pack up to 2 kg. of products in centre sealed pouches. It uses a single roll of Packing film The Machine is fitted with Collar Type Former Pipe unit that; convert flat packing film into vertically sealed tube; which is ultimately converted in to filled & sealed pouches. Horizontal Sealers act like opening & closing jaws to carry out horizontal sealing . The CTAPP Machine can make Central Sealed Pouches only. The machines requires supply of compressed air .

Ancillary & Optional Equipment

  • Pneumatic Gussetting Device
  • Filled Pouch Conveyer ( Take Off Conveyor)
  • Hole punching Unit
  • Emboss Coding Unit
  • Pneumatic Flexographic Coding Unit.
  • Nitrogen flushing Unit
  • Pneumatic Batch cutting device
  • Special acrylic made enclosure to avoid product contamination and dusting
  • Hopper level sensor device ( Minimum Material Level Sensor Device)
  • Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
  • Single Head or Double head (3 Phase) Compressor – 3 HP (6to8kg per /cm^2 air pressure).

Product Applications

SOLIDS : Rice, Tea, Pulses, Detergent, Cereals.


 Particulars  Minimum  Maximum
 POUCH WIDTH  50 mm  330 mm
 POUCH LENGTH  65 mm  400 mm
 FILM WIDTH  120 mm  700 mm
 NET WEIGHT OF  M/C  800 kg To 900 kg
 GROSS WEIGHT OF  M/C  1100 kg To 1200 kg
 POWER  REQUIREMENT  3 KW 3 phase 440 volts AC
 MACHINE  DIMENSIONS  1350 mm x 990 mm x 1990 mm (L x W x H); can vary !
 PACKING  In 2 Wooden Boxes
 Shipping Dimensions
 A) BOX# 1 (LxWxH)  Approx 1500x1130x1350 (Can Vary)
 A) BOX# 2 (LxWxH)  Approx 1000x860x1170 ( Can Vary)


Packing Range

  • 500g, 1000g & 2000g
  • 3000g to 5000g

With extra change parts consisting of collar. pipe, SS Cups etc.

*The pouches shown in the photograph are meant too indicate the application of machine only.

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