Automatic Form Fill & Seal (AFFS) Machine (Liquid) to pack free flowing liquids.

Salient Features

  • Fully automatic, Compact and Robust machine.
  • Simplified operation and low maintenance
  • Top quality components and best workmanship
  • All contact parts are made of Stainless steel
  • Fast changeover of pouch/sachet size and filling volume
  • Photoelectric mark registration system for precise cutting and sealing of the sachets / pouches
  • Counter for number of pouches packed
  • Machine mounted on castor wheels for easy movement
  • Custom-made to suit specific requirements

These single track machines can be used to pack free flowing liquid products such as Shampoo, Hair oils, Liquid detergent, Liquid hair dye, Shaving cream, Beauty cream, etc. in small quantities ie upto 200 ml Liquids.

A wide range of packing machines to meet specific requirements. These machines are volumetric based.


These machines can be used to pack liquid products such as :

Free Flowing Liquid : Shampoo, Hair oil, Liquid detergent, Liquid hair dye, Lubrication oils, Syrup, Liquid soap, Ice candy juice, Hair Gel, Tooth Paste and many more.

Paste : Shaving cream, Beauty cream, Ointment and many more.

Optional Attachments :

  • Mechanical Flexographic Coding Unit ( MFCU)
  • Electronic Flexographic Coding Unit ( EFCU)
  • Emboss Coding Unit ( ECU)
  • Pneumatic Batch cutting device ( PBCD)
  • Nitrogen Flushing Unit.
  • Filled Pouch Conveyers (Take off conveyors)
  • Acrylic Made enclosure to avoid product contamination and dusting
  • Rat tail cutting device ( Only for Liquid Packing Machine)


 Sealing Type :  3-side sealing  3-side & 4-side sealing  3-side and 4-side sealing
 Pouch size  Range :
(in mm)
 Width : 20 to    170
length : 45 to    240
 Width : 20 to 150
length : 45 to 240
 Width : 20 to 150
length : 45 to 240
 Filling range*  DRY (gms)
a) 0.5 to 10
b) 10 to 30
c) 30 to 50
d) 50 to 100
e) 100 to 200
DRY (gms) LIQUID (ml)
 a) 0.5 to 10  a) 0.5 to 10
 b) 10 to 30  b) 10 to 25
 c) 30 to 50  c) 10 to 50
 d) 50 to 100  d) 20 to 100
 e) 100 to  200  e) 50 to 200
 a) 0.5 to 10g a) 0.5 to 10ml
 b) 10 to 30g  b) 5 to 25ml
 c) 30 to 50g  c) 10 to 50ml
 d) 50 to 100g  d) 20 to 100ml

Packing Range

Volume Approx Packing Speed Approx Pouch Length
0.5ml to 10ml 35-40 Packs/min From 55mm to 100mm
10ml to 50ml 30-35 Packs/min From 75mm to 135mm
50ml to 100ml 25-30 Packs/min From 85mm to 155mm
100ml to 200ml 20-25 Packs/min From 170mm to 260mm


Range Of Operational speed Liquid Item Packing
(Pouches per minute) 30 to 70

*NOTE : Depending upon flow rate and volume of the product viscosity for LIQUID.

*The pouches shown in the photograph are meant too indicate the application of machine only.

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