Pneumatic Mechanical AFFS machine

Salient Features

  • Fully automatic, Compact and Robust machine.
  • Simplified operations and low maintenance.
  • Top quality components and best workmanship.
  • All contact parts are made of Stainless Steel.
  • Fast change over to pouch/sachet size and filling volume.
  • Photoelectric mark registration system for precise cutting and sealing of the sachet/pouches.
  • Machine mounted on castor wheels for easy movement.
  • Custom-made to suit specific requirements.

This machine is an intermittent machine designed to pack different products. This is semi pneumatic machine; the horizontal sealing is done by the help of pneumatic sealers and vertical sealing is done by mechanical die-rollers. This is very compact model, reasonably priced & user friendly. The machine requires supply of compressed air.

Specifications :

Particulars Minimum Maximum Dry Products Packing Application
Pouch Width 50mm 190mm Rice, Tea, Pulses.
Pouch Height 60mm 300mm Sugar Detergent Powder, Cereals,
Reel Width 185mm 400mm Milk Powders, Pharma Powders,
Net Weight of M/C 450kg 500kg Granuals, Dry Fruits & Candies.
Gross Weight of M/C 600kg to 650kg
Power Requirement 2KW, Single Phase, 220 V.A.C
Packing Wooden Box
Shipping Dimensions L – 149cmxW-98cmxH-175mm


Range of Paking Capacities : a) 50g. 100g. 250g. b) 500g. 750g. & 1000g

a) PFFS machine fitted with disc & hopper to pack free flowing dry & granular products eg. Rice, pulses, sugar, dry tea, peanuts, detergent powder, dry fruits, candies etc. glitter powder.b) PFFS machine fitted with “Auger Filler (A.F.)” to pack powder eg. Milk powder, spice powder, O.R.S. powder etc.c) PFFS machine fitted with “Electronic Weight Filler” to pack light or fragile or expensive items eg. Waters, snack food, plastic beads, dry fruits, toffees, candies etc.

Drive of machine: Electro pneumatic as well a electro-mechanical drive in each machine.

Pouch Type : 3 Side / 4 Side & centre sealed pouches.


a) Laminated Polyester Film b) Laminated moralized Polyester Film c) B.O.P.P./ Laminated B.O.P.P. Film


  • Date and batch No. Coding device-print embossed coding.
  • Batch cutting device.
  • Inert gas flushing system for extended product shelf life.
  • Take off convayor.
  • Adjustable disc arrangement system.
  • Telescopic disc system.
  • Augur filling system for non free-flowing powders.
  • Hopper level sensor device
  • Electronic weight filler to pack light / fragile items.


These machine can be used to pack dry and liquid products such as:

DRY : Powder, granules, Teadust, Grounded Coffee, Tablets, Candy Pan Masala, Tabacco, Curry powder, Beans, Salt & Papper, Cereals, Spices, Detergent Powder, Peanuts, Sugar, Soft drink concentrates, ORS (Rehydration) & other medical powders, Telcum power, Milk Powder, Hair dye powder, Henna, Wafer, Snack foods, dry fruits, beads, toffees etc.

LIQUID : Shampoos, Hair Oils, Liquid detergent, Liquid Hair dye, Lubrications oils, syrup, ketchup, Liquid soap and many more.

PASTE : Shaving cream, Beauty Cream, Ointment, Toothpaste more.

*The pouches shown in the photograph are meant too indicate the application of machine only.

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